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Helen Beekman, sculptor and painter, works and lives in New York City. She was raised in Northern California and in 1971 received a B.A. in Fine Art (focusing on sculpture) from Mills College in Oakland, California. Eager to work in a more vibrant cultural community, Beekman drove a U-Haul truck across the country to settle in New York City where she continues to work.  She is very involved in NYC's artistic community and is married with two sons.


Beekman has studios in SOHO, Connecticut and Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Her Bronze sculptures, two-dimensional HAYWORKS sculptures, composite works, drawings and paintings have been in exhibitions across the country and in Germany.


In addition to her sculptures, paintings and other works, Beekman created SYNESTHESIA, a multimedia interactive installation of sight and sound in collaboration with Jon Plenge, Sonic Composer. Synesthesia was exhibited at HERE in New York City and at St. Andrew's Art Gallery in Middletown, Delaware.  Currently, Beekman concentrates on working in bronze, hay as well as more traditional artistic mediums.


In 2015, Beekman had a Visiting Artist Residency at the American Academy in Rome where she concentrated on Hellenistic, Roman, and Renaissance sculptures at the Vatican, the Museo Centrale de Montemartini and the Museo Capitoline.


Helen Beekman’s works are in museums, corporate and private collections.

 Commissions upon request.

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